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Mainstream & Social Enterprise Strategy & Operational Planning
Pre-start Enterprise Foundation

  • Diagnostic pre-start modelling
  • Determining vision, purpose, mission and objectives for pre-starts
  • Commercialisation development, market research & implementation
  • Legal structure & organisational development
  • Finance modelling & applications
  • Storytelling for investors, lenders, donors and funders
  • Operational and tactical planning

Existing Enterprise Survival & Growth Development

  • Fully objective business reviewing & modelling
  • Key Performance Indicator development & action planning
  • Marketing Review and new product and/or service development

Sector Specific Development

  • Partnerships & Joint Ventures
  • Local, regional and national market research and marketing strategy development
  • Team building strategic Awaydays
  • Sector Awareness Programmes

Enterprise Centre Hatcheries, Incubators and Accelerator Development

  • Process design, development and operation of flexible workspace
  • Interior Design, Planning & Building Control Design Support
  • Compliance & Risk Advisory
  • Beneficiary Recruitment & Experience Programming
  • Business Development strategies
  • Access to Finance and Grant Applications
  • Network development and promotion
  • Impact measurement and evaluation